NASTY TUESDAY!! The Indie Rock Weekly Survivor Kit – California X “Mummy”

UnknownCongratulations! You survived Monday! We continue the Indie Rock Weekly Survivor Kit!
Only 4 days to go before the week-end and its time to discover some new music on this cold winterish Tuesday. Did you like our first FUCKIN MONDAY!? Well, we hope so, if you still have your middle finger out as we recommended yesterday the first NASTY TUESDAY song is perfect for it!
It comes from the young band CALIFORNIA X (from Amherst, Massachusetts) that released only a couple of singles until now but their first album  (The Sound of the Sweet Nothing on DonGiovanni Records) is due for release today (listen here to the full album!) and we have pulled out this song MUMMY from their AA single Sucker/Mummy.
Many people compare their work to Dinosaur Jr. (probably because they come from the same town…). Both songs on the single are enjoyable but we picked Mummy because of his great low-budget video (if original…) that brings the dirty spirit of their music to life, Sucker has a title that fits better for a Tuesday, because Tuesdays sucks, right?
The trio, led by vocalist Lemmy Gurtowsky brings a very raw stripped indie rock filled with heavy guitar sometime grungy, sometimes punky. Net, we like them and we like to follow their funny Facebook Page as well!
Nothing better that some good old heavy rock’n’roll to surf through this Nasty Tuesday. Hope to see them live around these swiss shores, over summer maybe? Paleo? Montreux? Just a suggestion… 😉
Hey Hey, My My, nasty Tuesday we survive

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