ELECTRIC THURSDAY! The Indie Rock Weekly Survival Kit!! If I don’t go crazy, I’ll lose my mind


Are you ready for Tonight?? We will be rocking and spinning rock tunes @Lido Club in Lozan! Don’t miss out on your unique chance of going out in a club and listening to some decent rock music!


In order to get you up and swinging for tonight our first Electric Thursday (The Indie Rock Weekly Survival Kit!) features Death in Vegas’ “Scorpio Rising” the title song of their third album from 2002.

The song features Liam Gallagher (and Paul Weller) as vocalist, you know we are big nostalgic fans of OASIS at the Liberation and as yesterday (Acoustic Wednesdays!)we gave away a nice cover of “Big Brother” Noel in order not to offend anyone we need to bring some “Big Mouth” Liam back in the game as well!

See you tonight folks! Let’s go crazy, it’s Thursday and week-end is as close as it could be!

Hey Hey, My My, electric Thursdays we rock tonight!





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