SWEET CLASSIC FRIDAY! The Indie Rock Weekly Survival Kit! Kill me now, if I let you down


First of All: Thanks God is Sweet Acoustic Friday! We survived another working week and we hope that our brand new Indie Rock Weekly Survival Kit helped you cope with the weekdays blues!

Second: huge thanks to all those who came supporting us yesterday night @Lido in Lausanne defying the coldest night of the winter so far and dribbling penguins and polar bears in order to get to Lido! Your presence warmed our spirit!

Third: let’s close this week in beauty ok? We are ready for the week-end, plans already in place? Skiing? Sleeping? Relaxing? Partying? Obviously don’t forget to listen to some good rock music to keep your blood from icing.

So to close the week and linking ourself to the biggest good news of the week: The Strokes new album for 2013! We had saw it coming and we included it in our list of the most awaited albums of 2013 but now looks like its official!

While we wait for it, let’s take a time-train back to 2001, when they released their first album “Is this it” and the song: “New York City Cops“. The song has a little history behind it, the album was released in June with the song on it, after September 11th  terrorist attack the  production company (RCA in the US) decided to re-release the album (that by the way had already a different cover vs. Europe) and replace it with the softest and less controversial lyrics of “When it Started”.

Whatever, have a great week-end rockers. Stay away from the cops.

Hey Hey, My My, rocking week-end we arrive!




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