NASTY TUESDAYS!! The Indie Rock Weekly Survivor Kit! Psycho-Rock brings us back to the 70s!


Today the light comes from 4-piece Temples directly from Kettering, in the UK Midlands and straight from the 70′ psychedelia frenzy. They sound like they were on LSD while listening to the Beatles’ “White Album”, they enjoyed it and they decided to elaborate the genre to share their psyco-love to all of us. They fall into the newborn neo-psych indie rock wave (i.e. Tame Impala) and their psyco-vintage sounds reminds us of another band of “scousers”: The Coral. It was a long time since we didn’t fall in love so suddenly with a song!

The song is called: Shelter Song and counts Johnny Marr (The Smiths) and Suede among the fans

download (1)

WATCH-OUT!! don’t look at the clip if you still have to work/study, might cause hallucinations.

Take a kaleidoscope, enjoy the trip.

Hey Hey, My My, psyco Tuesday saves your life


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