ACOUSTIC WEDNESDAY! The Indie Rock Weekly Survival Kit! I was never meant to be the good boy


Ok rockers, Acoustic Wednesdays! Because we are now officially closer to the week-end as half of the fuckin week is behind us! Doesn’t it feel great?

As you know from the  Indie Rock Weekly Survival Kit rules, the Acoustic Wednesdays are obviously dedicated to the world where unplugged and acoustic guitars lead the show. Within the immense repertoire existing of MTV unplugged concert there’s a recent one that captured our attention since the beginning (as we had the chance of seeing it live): Mando Diao Unplugged “Above and beyond

I would assume that most of you know the Swedish band, if you don’t please switch to spotify, run to the closer record shop and buy at least their first 2 albums: Bring ‘em In and Hurricane Bar.

They recorded the show in November 2010 in Berlin, Germany and features all their best tunes in acoustic version plus some amazing covers (Bleecker Street from Simon&Garfunkel) and collaborations (Juliette Lewis and Ray Davies from the Kinks). From such a rich basket we picked “Song for Aberdeen” one of their classic hits from the 4th album “Ode to Ochrasy”.

They will be playing again at the Zermatt Unplugged Festival on April 11th performing their last album “Infruset” their first in swedish.

Enjoy thinking about the week-end, it’s coming closer with the Acoustic Wednesdays of the Liberation!

Hey Hey, My My, we like it acoustic, if u don’t mind


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