SWEET CLASSIC FRIDAY! The Indie Rock Weekly Survival Kit! Well I’m just a poor little baby Cause well I believe them all


Yes!!! We made it!!! We survived once again!! Its Friday! Free your rock-party spirit and turn on the weekend mode! Once again the indie rock weekly survival kit brought you from week-end to week-end in a healthy state of mind!

Today we give away one of the best bands that came out of NY in during the 2001 indie rock wave: the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. The trio band captained by Karen O should release a new album this year(Mosquito should be the album’s and you can see the teaser further down on this post) therefore we decided to pick something from their previous 3 studio album. We went for something old from their debut album “Fever to tell” in our humble opinion still their best work so far.

The song is called “Y Control” and brings to life all their punky indie spirit they had at the beginning while in the more recent work they introduced more electro sounds that might fit well in one of our next Electric Thursdays.

Enjoy the video clip which was directed by Spike Jonze the director of the movie “John Malkovich”.


This is it guys, we survived another though working/studying week. Congrats!

Enjoy the week-end. You deserved it! ROCK ON!

Hey Hey, My My, Mr. Week-end we arrive


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