NASTY TUESDAY!! The Indie Rock Weekly Survival Kit! Just pick me up and give me some more

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Nasty Tuesday because they are still too close to that Fuckin Monday and the week-end it’s still too far. Time to hit that office/university.

Did you get over last week Nasty Tuesday? Temples? We can’t stop listening to that song, that’s why we love Nasty Tuesdays, because it allows us to discover new music, new bands and new sounds!

This week we share “No Waves” from Fidlar, a 4 piece punk rock band from LA California. If you are wondering about the meaning of their name we can help you out, it stands for: Fuck It Dog Life’s a Risk, not bad right?

They record for the independent label Mom&Pop and they have just released their first  self-titled full-length album. If you are bored today invest some time on their own youtube channel, the low-budget clips are definitely worth a view. Honestly we were missing some fresh skate punk from a band that doesn’t give a fuck about the music industry, signs for a small labels and keeps on using the internet for their own amusement in the first place, check out their FB, tumblr or Twitter to test them.


It’s punk, it’s rock and that’s what we like on Nasty Tuesdays, if you your middle fingers are not too tired from using them so much on Fuckin’ Mondays, show the world what you think about Tuesdays!


Hey Hey, My My, some punk on Tuesday to improve our lives


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