The Liberation Monthly Playlist! January 2013 – The last word, Is the lost word

In the new year we have decided to innovate with the Indie Rock Weekly Survival Kit but we are keeping the good old tradition as the Liberation Monthly Playlist!
January was a good month to start the year, David Bowie new album, the Strokes new single, Suede are back as well, the only sad note came from the farewell to Claude Nobs, the funder of the Montreux Jazz, a man who has done a lot for music this side of the Geneva Lake. Fingers crossed that the rest of the year would be as good as this, looking at the list of albums expected for this year the expectations are high on you 2013!
So here we go again, the best of the world new and old indie rock for January 13 collected for you by The Liberation:
  1.  The Strokes – One Way Trigger – We couldn’t miss this one, couldn’t we? We got really puzzled at the first listen and the more we listen to it the more we ask ourself if this are The Strokes or Julian Casablanca managed to brainwash the whole band into his strange electro-pop song writing. Is Albert Hammond still part of the band? Can we replace keyboards with guitars please? Another question: how the fuck does Julian thinks to do that falsetto live. Will somebody crack his nuts to reach those high notes? If these are the new Strokes I think we will remember them as on “Is this It”
  2. The Heartbreaks – Delay Delay – I’m still doubtful about how to define their genre, sometimes punk sometimes pop definitely Indie. Their debut album “Funtimes” it’s a mix of energy, love and makes you wanna dance, it will be hard to kick-out this song from our DJ sets
  3. The Rolling Stones – I Wanna Be Your Man – the legend says that it was originally written by Lennon-McCartney and then kindly handed over to the young Stones that were struggling to write a true hit single. They opened their 2 gigs @O2 Arena in London. Who said that Stone vs. Beatles was a war?
  4. The Hives – Go Right Ahead – some might say that all the Hives songs are the same, I disagree, its called style, and this one is full of it!
  5. Calvin Harris – Sweet Nothing (feat Florence Welch) – definitely one of the best collaborations from 2012
  6. Pond – Your Broke My Cool – Somehow i noticed that we failed sharing this song in 2012, the australian band is at their 4th studio album and they probably will go bigger and bigger. Try to stop them now!
  7. David Bowie – Where are We Know – The white duke is back after 10 years and from the sound of it looks like he spent them all in Berlin in the 80s!
  8. Jake Bugg – Seen It All – the more you listen to his album the more you get to appreciate the young fella. Respect for the biggest news of 2012.
  9. Toy – Make It Mine – this London based band makes me think about a supergroup formed with the Verve pre-Urban Hymn and the young Pulp. Their debut album “Toy” almost made it to our Top 10 of 2012.
  10. The Courteeners – Here Come The Young Man – can their 3rd album “Anna” be their best so far? Time will tell us
  11. Temples – Shelter Song – we need to be careful not to give you this song every month, we like it so much that since we discovered it it’s on repeat on our playlists
  12. Fidlar – No Waves – Another pick from our Nasty Tuesdays, it’s nice to see that somewhere, somehow some bands keep the punk rock spirit alive
  13. Dinosaur Jr – I Know it Oh So Well – The guys are keeping Indie Rock alive since 1985, any words from me would be meaningless.
  14. Television – Elevation – and to close, a jump back into the NY of 1977, click on play, it’s Marquee Moon, and you currently are @CBGB where art, sex, drugs and rock’n’roll where at their best
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Hey Hey, My My, from 2013 to 1977 in 14 songs is always nice

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