ACOUSTIC WEDNESDAY! The Liberation Indie Rock Weekly Survival Kit! German Tropic-Surf-rock from the tunnel!


Acoustic Wednesday! Half of the week is over, week-end is closer. It’s that moment of the week where acoustic guitars lead the way. From now on it’s all downhill to the week-end!

This week we don’t go for a famous unplugged MTV concert but for something new. As you know we like to supporting new upcoming bands, we love when they share their demos with us and from time to time what we got is quality music! 

This is definitely the case with “Naked As We Came” a young band from Germany whose acoustic rock will surely please the ears of our folk followers.

We share today the video they realized during their Tunnel session, all acoustic, all unplugged, you can do that if your singer has the voice to do it and again this definitely the case with Naked As We Came. This is the indie spirit we like.

You can listen to some more music from our german friends @

Take a moment for yourself, it’s the middle of the week, it’s Acoustic Wednesday, relax, breath, enjoy.

Keep on sharing with us your musical creations and if we like it, be assured you will see it in our Indie Rock Weekly Survival Kit or in the Monthly Playlist!

Hey Hey, My My, when u go acoustic, on talent you rely


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