SWEET CLASSIC FRIDAY! The Indie Rock Weekly Survival Kit! You’re a million miles away, so Come Closer


Thank you very much to all those that came out last night @Cirkus Bar to celebrate an early start of the week-end at the Liberation Night! We had fun didn’t we? More to come in March!

To celebrate the official start of the week-end and leave this fucking working week behind us we share today one of the best recent indie classic tune: Come Closer from Miles Kane. A fans favorite during his gigs as he often keeps it for the very end and one of our personal favs in our DJ sets!

The Mod-Son is currently in studio recording the new album in collaboration with the Mod-Father (Paul Weller) as shared in our earlier post it is definitely one of our most awaited album for 2013!

No time to relax, no time to complain about the headache or the hangover, the week is over. The party is on!

Enjoy the week-end!

Hey Hey, My My, hangover Friday enrich our life!



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