ACOUSTIC WEDNESDAY! The Indie Rock Weekly Survival Kit! You should be the one I’ll always love



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Acoustic Wednesday! After starting the week with punk & rage on FUCKING MONDAY and discovering the swiss french indie rock of MARCH on NASTY TUESDAY we go for something quiet, something acoustic.

Today we re-discover an old classic of one of the greatest band of the first decade of 2000: Unintended from MUSE!

This song was included their debut album Showbiz from 2000. The song was released as a single reaching number 20 in the UK chart, at the time the best ranked of the MUSE singles. The song was recorded as well in the live DVD Hullabaloo with a rare performance of bass play Chris Wolstenholme  on acoustic guitar (watch it here below).

Today the song has almost disappeared from the band set lists despite remaining one of the historical fan’s favorite. It would be as fans nice gift to see it live during this summer MUSE’s tour!

Hey Hey, My My, acoustic Wednesday to calm our lives




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