ELECTRIC THURSDAY! The Indie Rock Weekly Survival Kit! The Strokes Are Back! All The Time!


Ok, let’s admit it, we were all worried about the first release of the new Strokes’ album. “One Way Trigger” is definitely a Julian Casablancas’ song. We can like it, we can dislike it or we can find it interesting as many websites defined it. Now, let’s be honest with ourselves, when we (guys) define a girl as interesting it means she’s not really attractive. I would put “One Way trigger” in such a category.

They just released “All the time“, what about this one? This song is The Strokes finally going back to what they used to do best, indie rock heavy loaded with Albert Hammond’s guitar solos. “All the Time” could have been recorded in 2003 for the release of “The Room is on fire“. It finally brings back the rowdy rusty rocking soul of the original Strokes and the chorus reminds me a lot about “Reptilia“.

These are The Strokes that we know, these are The Strokes that we like, a band that writes songs (and hopefully albums) as a band rather than as a multitude of skilled individual musician. We cannot stop listening to it!

Listen here: The Strokes – All The Time

Long live Rock’n’Roll, long live The (original) Strokes sound!

Hey Hey, My My, Rock’n’Roll will never die!


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