SWEET CLASSIC FRIDAY! The Indie Rock Weekly Survival Kit! Fell in Love with a Girl


Still jumping around with tears of joy in the eyes and the new Strokes’ song in your ears? We definitely are! Yesterday was as well the St Valentine that due to the new Strokes release we have (temporary) disregarded, we try to catch up with the romanticism today by sharing one of the biggest indie rock tunes of the first decade of 2000. “Fell in Love with a Girl” from The White Stripes.

You all probably know well this song that was included in their 3rd studio album “White Blood Cells” released in 2001. Apart from being universally recognized as one of the best and most influential songs of the Indie Rock History, it features one of the best ever musical video clip.

The clip was directed by the “Salvador Dali” of the musical director, french award winner Michel Gondry (the same director of The Denial Twist and The Hardest Button to Button always with The White Stripes). Legend says that when the band approached Lego for a collaboration the Danish firm refused it as it was off their marketing target of 12 years old and younger kids, however after seeing the huge success of the song and the video they came back on their decision and tried to change their decision but then Jack White refused their late offer 🙂

It’s the week-end folks, go out and spread your love for life and indie rock.

If you are in Lausanne  and you want to listen to some good music we will be DJing @The Great Escape Pub as of 22.30 on Saturday Night for another mighty Liberation Night!

Hey Hey, My My, romantic rocking week-end to everybody!




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