NASTY TUESDAY! The Indie Rock Weekly Survival Kit! Indie Rock from Colombia with Appletree!


Ok rockers, how did FUCKIN MONDAY treated you? Did we help alleviating the pain with the new BRMC single? We hope so!

While we leave the worst of the week behind us is time to look forward with some new music. Today we cross the ocean and we land in Bogota’, Colombia with Appletree a young raising indie band that caught our attention with the new EP “Draft” available for download here.

The EP contains 6 tracks, all very enjoyable but our favorite is definitely Love Vandalism, Hate Cops, probably the most punk song of an album largely inspired by lo-fi and minimalistic sounds such as Pavements or the Pixies. A perfect song for a riot or to survive Nasty Tuesday!

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Indie Rock’n’Roll is everywhere, send us your tunes, if our ears like it, you will see it featured on Highly Recommended or on Nasty Tuesday from our Indie Rock Weekly Survival Kit!

Hey Hey My My, Colombia rocks our life!


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