ACOUSTIC WEDNESDAY! The Indie Rock Weekly Survival Kit! Ask me things with no warning


Acoustic Wednesday, it’s our relaxation moment during the week before starting officially warming up for the week-end. As usual we go for something folk or acoustic.

Today we share the new collaboration of Adam Green with Binki Shapiro, they have just released their self-titled first album on Jan 29th and if you know Adam Green previous work you might be surprised by the calmer rhythms of this collection of love song, still we think that despite being different vs. his usual style they are actually high quality songs with Binki’s voice marrying perfectly with it.

After his last album “MusiK for a Play” released in 2011 Adam took some time off from music, focusing his artistic talent doing arts and movies. He then re-started writing music in 2012 with Miss Shapiro which you might remember from the band Little Joy (the side project of Fab Moretti from the Strokes). For Mr. Green is actually a come back to a duo collaboration as he had started his career playing with Kimya Dawson in the Moldy Peaches.

The song we have picked is “Just to make me feel good” : (we had already shared the first single “Here I am”  in one of our past Monthly Jam )

Hey Hey, My My, acoustic music for a quiet (romantic) life



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