The Liberation Monthly Jam! Here’s to the beauty of the stars Here’s to the travellers on the open road Here’s to the dreamers in the bars


February hits the end and it’s time for our classic Liberation Monthly Jam!

After a month of January full of happy and sad surprises from David Bowie to the death of Claude Nobs we leave behind ourselves a month of quiet month of February where we reached the peak with the new Strokes’s song where they go back where they belong (among the greatest) and the new single from BRMC with the cover of the Call’s “Let the day begin”.
So let’s have a look at what captured our attention during February passing our demanding filters and criteria:
  1. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – Let the Day Begin – the new single from our american heroes is actually a cover of the 80s band The Call, dedicated to one of the band members’ dad that used to play in the Call and used to tour with BRMC as sound technician. We can’t wait to see them @Caprices festival!
  2. The Strokes All the time – I was among the most disappointed when i listened to their first song (One Way Trigger) and I hope I’m not disappointed now when hearing the full album as i salute the 2nd single from the Strokes as one of their best songs since Room Is On Fire. Are they back for real this time? 
  3. Foxygen – San Francisco – Many psycho-indie-rock bands are popping up recently riding the wave of Tame Impala, if only they could all have the same quality as this duo from California, all hail to the Psycho-Rock! Read as well our post on Nasty Tuesday!!
  4. The Joy Formidable – Little Blimp – This comes from their 2nd album Wolf’s Law, they are from Wales and they remind us of the power of electric guitar, never underestimate it!
  5. Jake Bugg – Slide Way (Oasis Cover) – Ok, we keep pestering you with this guy since 3 months but hey! When you listen to this version of the Oasis’ anthem “Slide Away” it’s impossible to not consider him one of the best rising fellas around the indie world!  
  6. Metz – Headache – They are 3 and they come from Canada, they signed for Sub-Pop (Nirvana, Soundgarden, rings a bell?) they are loud, they bring noise music to another level, that’s why they deserved our Fuckin’Monday slot this week!
  7. California X – Lemmy’s World – We go heavy again this month of Feb with another song from the California X’ debut album, we can’t wait to see them around Europe during this summer’s festival season!
  8. The Courteneers – When you want something you can’t have – This song makes us think about Snow Patrol, Embrace, the best of the classic of melodic brit-rock. Welcome back!
  9. The Lumineers – Ho Hey – It’s not exactly new or recent but we noticed that we never shared them therefore we wanted to catch up quickly. One of the best act of the new Indie-Folk wave
  10. Biffy Clyro – Black Chandelier – It’s difficult to choose only one song from the double album “Opposites”, we went for the first single. Classic Brit Rock!
  11. Palma Violets – Chicken Dippers – one of the most awaited album of 2013, from the NME revelation of 2012. The album maintains the promises of their first hit “Best of Friends”. A must buy/dwld/have of the year
  12. The Last Shadow Puppets – Standing next to me –  While both Alex Turner (With Arctic Monkeys) and Miles Kane (solo) continue to grow their career we took out from the closet this little diamond included in their only collaboration so far: The Last Shadow Puppet. The day they get together again it will be mayhem!
  13. Suede – It starts and end with you – first studio album since more than 10 years for one of the most iconic band of the brit rock wave of the 90s, this is the first single from the new album 
  14. Fidlar – Cocaine – We couldn’t close this month differently. Probably the best last song of a record of 2013 so far. Play it loud, jump. Enjoy without moderation

Listen here to our spotify February Liberation Monthly jam: 

Hey Hey, My My, a good month of Feb we leave behind


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