NASTY TUESDAY! The Indie Rock Weekly Survival Kit! Indie Rock from cold Ukraine with Colaars!


Nasty Tuesday to discover some new music and emerging young bands from around the world! After having shared GANGS from Ireland, Naked As We Came from GermanyNenuphariswhatweare and MARCH from Lausanne and Appletree from Colombia today we go east for the first time. More precisely we travel to the cold Ukraine to discover an exciting rising band: Colaars!

The band released an EP “Wood Arsenal” last year and keeps on writing and recording great songs that will make you jump and dance. The sound created by this 4-piece band from Kiev is very actual and reminds us of Foals, Milburn and some bits of Two Door Cinema Club. Some call it Math-rock, in the end, I would call it simply, Indie-Rock! Because it doesn’t count where you are from, all it count is the indie spirit, the musical skills and the rock attitude to conquer the world!

You can listen to their EP “Wooden Arsenal” here:

We recommend as a first listen the song “Black Fox”:

Follow them on:



Hey Hey, My My, indie rock from east Europe keeps us alive!


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