ACOUSTIC WEDNESDAY! The Indie Rock Weekly Survival Kit! Love is when you wanna kiss and you get beat


Acoustic Wednesday, your favorite folk/unplugged corner of the week!

This week we share one of our favorite indie-rock band from the first decade of the years 2000, JET, from Australia with their acoustic version of the song “She’s a Genius”.

The song was the first single from their last album “Shaka Rock” released in 2009. After this unfortunately they decided to split and since then Nic Cester and co. have disappeared from our radars. You might remember them from one of our past Artist of the Week post.

It was difficult to choose only one song from their acoustic repertoire as they have recorded many of their tunes unplugged in various records, live shows and radio appearances. The acoustic version of this song was recorded live @ a Radio show in Australia.

Damn how much I miss them! 

Hey Hey, My My, JET, bring it on back!


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