ELECTRIC THURSDAY! The Indie Rock Weekly Survival Kit! If I could be inside you darling At the center of your life


ELECTRIC THURSDAY!!!! Are you nailing your week-end plans already? Are you planning your night out for tonight? Friends are in? Who’s heading to the Caprices Festival this week-end?

Today we share Hot Chip, that you all probably know. The song we have picked “Night and Day”  is included in their 5th studio album “In our heads”  released in 2012. The band was previously nominated for the Grammy Awards in 2009 and to the Mercury Prize in 2006 and for good reasons are considered the masters of Electro-indie rock.

“You got me working night and day Night & day & night” t’s time to get out early from the office or library. Remember, life is always better outside!

Nothing much more to say for once than: turn the volume up, enjoy without moderation!

Hey Hey, My My, electric Thursday to dance our life!


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