SWEET CLASSIC FRIDAY! The Indie Rock Weekly Survival Kit! I’ll take you anywhere you wanna go. You can’t stand me now



Are you ready for the week-end??? Who’s going up to Crans-Montana’s Caprices festival tonight for the Pete Doherty gig? We will and we will be bringing you the best and most exclusive reports and review live from the festival this and the next week-end! Are you ready for this?

To prepare properly for tonight we couldn’t avoid sharing something from Pete vast repertoire and as it’s Sweet Classic Friday we go for one of the many classic that Peter Doherty penned in the past decade. “Can’t Stand Me Now” from the Libertines self-title second album from 2004.

The song was the first single released from the album and peaked #2 in the UK charts and it’s universally regarded as one of the Indie Rock Anthem of this first 13 years of the millennium. Pete usually includes this song in his solo set-lists and we are obviously hoping to hear it tonight!

Fingers crossed that Pete will reach Crans-Montana tonight (he has a long career of no-show gigs…) and that he will be in proper shape to offer a good show (he has as well a long story of getting smashed to gigs… )

One day Pete and Carl will play this one live together again, make sure you’ll be there. When they sing this one together that’s when the song really comes to life as they alternate in singing the lyrics of this mythical song.

Hey Hey, My My, classic Friday it’s live you tonight!



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