NASTY TUESDAY! The Indie Rock Weekly Survival Kit! BRMC Week: Where is the weapon to free us all?

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We are on a roll with Black Rebel Motorcycle this week! Today is Nasty Tuesday therefore we  wanted to share something new from their upcoming new album “Specter at the Feast”: Teenage Disease (if you get a chance to listen to it DO IT!!), however as we could not find the song anywhere in a format that we could share we share something from their past albums.

To stay on the weapon team kicked-0ff yesterday with “Six Barrel Shotgun” we have picked is one of the most rusty rock’n’roll “Weapon of Choice” from their 4th album “Baby 81

Knowledge point: the name Black Rebel Motorcycle Club comes from Marlon Brando’s bikers gang in the movie “The Wild One”.

We can’t wait to hear this one live thisThursday @Caprices festival!

Hey Hey, My My, a black rebel week to rock our lives!


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