ACOUSTIC WEDNESDAY! The Indie Rock Weekly Survival Kit! I knew all along that I was right at the start


What a week of discoveries with Transfer on Fuckin Monday and The Chase on Nasty Tuesday! As usual today we pause and enjoy a quiet Acoustic Wednesday!

This week we share a classic of our recent times: “Bang Bang You’re Dead” from the Dirty Pretty Things debut album “Waterloo from Anywhere” released in 2006.

If you are not familiar with the band I would highly recommend to retrieve their 2 albums and spend some time enjoying them. DPT were Carl Barat‘s first project after the split of the Libertines, unfortunately they didn’t last long and the came to an end in 2008 leaving us with 2 great albums and very fond memories of their live performances.

The video features as well the acoustic version of Deadwood, from the same album.

Don’t forget to vote for the best European festival line-up and get ready for this summer!!

Hey Hey, My My, it’s Wednesday, calm down, relax, it’s acoustic


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