R.I.P Enzo Jannacci – The Liberation’s Farewell – Don’t forget to wear those tennis shoes

morandi jannacci celentano-2It was a sad gloomy day (despite the blue sky) this afternoon in Milan as the city gathered in the church of its protector (Sant’Ambrogio) to say the final good bye to one of his last rocker-comedian-intellectual. Enzo Jannacci, born in 1935 has passed away on March 29th aged 77 and during the economical boom years that followed WWII he was probably one of the first (indie) rockers in Italy.

Many words have been spent these last days to remember him, unfortunately we never got to know him or see him live, therefore we leave to Adriano Celentano, one of his life time friends, the job of putting in word who was Enzo Jannacci by telling us the story of the first rock’n’roll band of Italy. Truth or legend we don’t care. Adriano Celentano – Ciao Enzo

I grew up with his songs in Milanese dialect that painted in words a world that we couldn’t know and despite he supported the wrong football team (AC Milan) I will miss him.

Ciao Enzo, bring some rock’n’roll with you in heaven, and remember to always wear those tennis shoes.

Hey Hey, My My, Enzo’s rock, will never die


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