EVENTS! Palma Violets Live @Exil – Zurich – April 4th

2012PalmaViolets180Press171212This is a no-miss event for every swiss indie-rocker fan! We had anticipated this in our review of the upcoming best Swiss concerts some time ago and here it comes!

Palma Violets will be playing live in Switzerland for the first time tomorrow in Zurich @Exil. The young band won Best song of 2012 by NME with “Best of Friends” and has released their debut album “180” in February. Their tour to support the new album will touch tomorrow Zurich and we highly recommend all our Zuri-followers and all the swiss indie rocker to meet us there tomorrow night!

Stay tuned for our concert review later tomorrow night!

Tickets are still available:

Hey Hey, My My, Rock is ON! See u @Exil!


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