NASTY TUESDAY! The Indie Rock Weekly Survival Kit! The National are back with all their “Demons”!

The-National-Demons-608x409NASTY TUESDAY: time to discover something new!

This week we could have shared the new Beady Eye song (Flick of the Finger) but burned it on Saturday therefore we go for something that was shared only yesterday: The National new song “Demons“.

The band from Cincinnati, Ohio (in the meanwhile has moved to NY, probably you get more inspiration then in Cinci…) should release their 6th studio album “Trouble Will Find Me” this year around May.

Don’t forget to vote for the best UK Festivals summer 2013 line-up so far!

Many of you have sent us your own band’s music to be featured in our Nasty Tuesday, we ask you to be a bit patient we need to listen to all of them, fight among us to decide which one deserve to be shared and in the meanwhile many new bands are releasing new music! Though times!

Hey Hey, My My, Nasty Tuesday new releases



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