EVENTS: Paleo Festival 2013 The Liberation Line-Up Review!

Paleo-2013-Poster1We were all waiting impatiently for this right? The Paleo Festival line-up announcement came punctually today at 11am and as usual it will create loads of debates. Is it great or only good? Is it better than the recent years? Are you happy or disappointed? Let us know your reactions but taking part in our poll!

Our judgment? We think we have a very rich day 1, Day 2 is probably our favorite with Arctic Monkeys and The Smashing Pumpkins but the rest of the program has only 2 highlights: Nick Cave and Blur.

Click here for the full line-up

See here below our Liberation selection for Paleo 2013:

Tuesday July 23rd:

Wednesday July 24th:

  • Arctic Monkeys
  • Smashing Pumpkins
  • Beach House

Thursday July 25th:

  • Sigur Ros
  • Santana (if you are a nostalgic rocker)

Friday July 26th:

  • Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds

Saturday July 27th

  • Blur

Sunday July 28th:

  • French Night – Aka No comment

Our vote overall? 7/10 in line with recent years and as usual trying to appeal to a vast variety of ages, tastes and styles. Paleo wants to please everybody and there’s a bit for everybody. As indie rock purist we could expect more but this is probably not the objective of the organizers.

What’s your rating for the Paleo 2013 Line-Up? Vote now!

Hey Hey, My My, Paleo 2013, here we come!


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