ACOUSTIC WEDNESDAY! The Indie Rock Weekly Survival Kit! “La Belle Vie” with The Lumineers

Lumineers2_Snapseed-tt-width-626-height-197-attachment_id-20447-crop-1-bgcolor-FFFFFFToday we are starting a special Montreux Jazz Festival (read here our line-up review!) Acoustic Wednesdays series! Why? Easy, because the line-up of the festival is really great in terms of indie folk and for calm acoustic melodies’ enthusiasts.

Let’s start with a band that you for sure already know: The Lumineers, and let’s also take on this opportunity to introduce one of the best sources for improbable acoustic musical performances: La Blogothèque and their Concerts à Emporter (Take Away Shows).

So, now imagine a warm sunny late afternoon on a terrace somewhere in San Francisco sipping a few drinks… this already sounds very much like happiness right?! Now unexpectedly add The Lumineers asking you whether they “can stand on your table!!?“, playing the massively successful “Ho Hey” and very kindly following by “Big Parade” while actually randomly parading in the streets of San Francisco:

Then why not play a unreleased and untitled song in the middle of the street ??!

You begin to guess where I am going with La Belle Vie title… Yeah… Especially that fantastic part is beginning now!

Imagine the neighbours’ rooftop, sunset, lampions, BBQ (you actually do not see any BBQ in the video but as BBQing is my 2nd favorite hobby after music, I cannot imagine there wasn’t any there…)

Here is “Stubborn Love” – my personal favorite:

As it is getting chilly on the rooftop, let’s go get some drinks in a bar and meet some “Classy Girls”:

What a journey! This is what I call La Belle Vie !! *_*

Thanks to the Montreux Jazz festival, you will be able to get a taste of The Lumineers live this summer… a NO MISS !!





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