NASTY TUESDAY! The Indie Rock Weekly Survival! Don’t want to do it to you

298186_220576264676785_1765474319_nToday on NASTY TUESDAY we share a new band: Drenge from Sheffield (Arctic Monkeys home town), UK.

The band is actually a duo (in pure Black Keys, White Stripes style), drummer and guitarist and they recently got signed by “Infectious” label (the same as Alt-J) but I would say they tend much more toward a grungy, noisy style perfect for our Nasty Tuesday!

We picked 2 songs: “Bloodsports” and “Dogmeat“, watch-out in case  the volume is too high, it might blow your delicate ears.

You will have a chance to see them live around UK this month as they will be supporting Miles Kane during his upcoming tour! Looking forward to their first full album!

Follow them on:

Hey Hey, My My, grungy Tuesday rock our lives!


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