ACOUSTIC WEDNESDAY! The Indie Rock Weekly Survival Kit! Patrick Watson – Big Bird in a Small Cage

Big Bird 1After having featured The Lumineers last week (read it here) in our special Montreux Jazz Festival Acoustic Wednesdays series, this week we continue with Patrick Watson! Differently to most other festivals where you buy a ticket for the day and get to see 10-20 different bands, at Montreux you actually have independent concert halls with 2 to 3 concerts per hall and the rest is for free! Luckily for us, this year the festival decided to move from 2 offerings per night to 3… more choices, more eclecticism!

We already explained why The Lumineers were a No Miss this year at Montreux, the cherry on the cake is that you will get to see Patrick Watson same night, same concert hall, same ticket !!

The band Patrick Watson, named after & by his lead Canadian singer-songwriter, released 4 albums between 2003 and 2012. Here is the angelically touching “Big Bird in a Small Cage”, my personal favorite among all:

If you have never heard about Patrick Watson, you have probably come across the beautiful “Build a Home”, that he co-wrote with the British jazz and electronic collective The Cinematic Orchestra and that have been used extensively in Cinema and TV series:

Dear indie folk enthusiasts, Patrick Watson & The Lumineers: the Sweet No Miss of this year’s Montreux Jazz Festival !!


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