ELECTRIC THURSDAY! The Indie Rock Weekly Survival Kit! New MGMT single! Psych-Rock gurus are back!

mgmt-alien-days-1We are back after one short week off, did you miss us?

Today on Electric Thursday we celebrate the come back of one of our favorite band of the indie-electro scene of these recent years: MGMT that have recently released Alien Days the first song from their upcoming 3rd album as a cassette single on record store day!

Those who were expecting them to go back to the sounds of the debut of “Oracular Spectacular” might be disappointed, the songs is closer to the second album “Congratulations“. How will the full album sound like?

The creators of the Psych-Rock movement in 2005 are showing their followers a new direction to follow?

Hey Hey, My My, call it hippie rock, we call it Electric Thursday!


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