ACOUSTIC WEDNESDAY! The Indie Rock Weekly Survival Kit! MJF Indie Folk #5 – DAUGHTER

daughter_the-wild-youth-ep_smallAlready, our fifth episode in the exploration of the Montreux Jazz Festival Indie Folk line-up! Today, we discover DAUGHTER likely one of the newest bands playing this year in Montreux. This band originally from London released their debut album, “If You Leave”, in March 2013. Not bad to be 1 month later announced on the line-up of one of the best festivals in the world: Glastonbury!

Many describe their sound as “cavernous instrumentation”, “haunting and visceral vocals”, with in the end a beautiful sense of purity! The more you listen to their album the more you get a feeling of having discovered music that you will remember and more importantly that has great potential grow, little Daughter !

Here is “Youth”, their lead single:

And here is the more “Human”, my favorite:

Read here the previous episodes of our MJF Indie Folk Specials:

DAUGHTER @ MJF – the indie folk discovery night!! Next week, we’ll introduce who will be playing with her same night and it’s hot . . .


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