ACOUSTIC WEDNESDAY! The Indie Rock Weekly Survival Kit! MJF #6 BEN HOWARD – Romance will Spark

ben howardLadies, Messieurs,

We all know the myth of girls falling for guys with guitars and suave voices… so as part of our 6th acoustic/indie folk write up about the Montreux Jazz Festival, we are bringing the myth, Ben Howard, live on the Montreux Jazz Lab stage!

In 2011, this English singer & songwriter signed his first record deal, self-recorded and released his superb debut album, “Every Kingdom” and all this within 12 months! He spent since then his time on the roads all around the world, where the word on the street goes that he plays every single show sold out despite more dates and bigger venues being added!

Here is “Only Love” performed with his violoncellist India Bourne at the BRITs 2013 where he won the “Best British Breakthrough Act” and “Best British Male Solo Artist” awards:

The sincere emotional connection that his music is provoking is inspired by personal dramatic life event like the suicide of his ex girlfriend… Specifically when you look into the lyrics of the above songs, their meaning take suddenly deeper turn:

Only Love: “Darling you’re with me forever and always”

The Fear: “I been worryin’ that I’m losing the one’s I hold dear”

  • Ladies – you will fall in love with him !!
  • Messieurs – bring your girl and i promise you she’ll be very grateful, but like in REALLY grateful 😉

Definitely the acoustic night we are most looking forward to as the supporting act is the gracious Daughter that we presented last week (Read here)!

Romance will spark on that Friday night on the Swiss Riviera!

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3 thoughts on “ACOUSTIC WEDNESDAY! The Indie Rock Weekly Survival Kit! MJF #6 BEN HOWARD – Romance will Spark

  1. pretty sure he does not have an ex who committed suicide. Follaton woods is just a song he made up with sad lyrics and a happy melody after seeing a rope in Follaton woods.

  2. Please someone find out if his ex-girlfriend actually did take her life! I’m searching for a valid answer but I am none the wiser… Thank-you

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