ACOUSTIC WEDNESDAY! The Indie Rock Weekly Survival Kit! Communion Jam – Ben Howard & Friends

communion jamWe are so excited for Ben Howard’s concert at this year’s Montreux Jazz Festival (presented last week) that we want to feature him again this Acoustic Wednesday! This time he is willing to introduce some of his friends to you that like him are part of the Communion Family.

In a few words, Communion was born in 2006 at London’s Notting Hill Arts Club. Founded by Ben Lovett (Mumford & Sons), Kevin Jones (Bear’s Den), and producer Ian Grimble, it is now a flourishing community of musicians and fans alike, providing an indie platform for young artists. They organize shows ‘Communion Presents’ working closely with other enthusiasts of new live music, including the SXSW conference, The NME awards, Belfast’s Open House Festival, and many more clubs and companies who all have a hand in promoting exciting new music to as big and broad an audience as possible – like us !!

Communion also created its own label ‘Communion Records’ in 2009, and has released, or is currently primed to release records by Ben Howard, Michael Kiwanuka, Daughter (MJF Indie Folk #5 – DAUGHTER) ), Gotye, Matt Corby (BalconyTV Hero).

Here is Ben Howard and his band, Michael Kiwanuka (, Ben Lovett, Johannes from Bear’s Den and The Staves ( performing a beautiful cover of “Over The Hill” by John Martyn during SXSW 2012:

In the coming weeks, we will double click some of the other artists performing on this song !!

Last but not least, today special thanks to a dear friend of ours for sharing this great song with us: Lara Mai :-).


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