ACOUSTIC WEDNESDAY! The Indie Rock Weekly Survival Kit! The Staves, the delicate harmony

RM_TheStaves_Shot4_067_-1024x681After last week’s superb song by Community Jam (Click here to read), we pause today on The Staves who we discovered via last week’s post! These three English sisters, Emily (vocals), Jessica (vocals/guitar) and Camilla (vocals/ukulele), are like 3 angels with classy voices and sweet harmonies, whose music is inspired by big names like Simon & Garfunkel or Joni Mitchell, and obviously The Beatles . . .

Here is the delicate “Winter Trees” recorded during a secret Sofar Sounds performance in London (

Their debut album “Dead & Born & Grown” is pure candy to your ears, here is “The Motherlode” as best illustration for this:

For the lucky ones like me who go to Glastonbury next week, we will have the great fortune of seeing them 3 times as they will be playing on Friday, Saturday and Sunday 🙂


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