ELECTRIC THURSDAY! The Indie Rock Weekly Survival Kit! “Seven Year Playlist” by The View

247153_616255765069500_1045593348_nWe had anticipated the release of the View “Best Of” (Seven Year Setlist) collection some time ago (click here to read) and finally it has been released this week!

The collection of their best songs comes with some previously un-released material, among which the new single “Standard” that we share today.

The band introduces the album with these words: “Over the years there’s been four studio albums, thousands of gigs, too much vodka and loads of memories on this crazy rock n’ roll journey. So we wanted to create an album that was kinda like stopping and looking back over the years – with a few new tracks too. That’s the Seven Year Setlist”

If you didn’t know this Scottish band download/buy/steal the new album, there’s no better way to get to know them!

Hey Hey, My My, Scottish Indie Rock for an Electric Thursday!


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