SWEET CLASSIC FRIDAY! The Indie Rock Weekly Survival Kit! The point’s that there is no romance around there

Whatever-People-Say-I-Am-That-S-What-I-M-Not-coverOooooooooook!! We made it again folks! We survived another mad working week! Today on Sweet Classic Friday we close our week of preparation to Glastonbury with my personal favorite song from Arctic Monkeys: A Certain Romance.

The song closes their breakthrough debut album “Whatever People Say That’s What I’m Not” that topped half of the world’s charts in 2006. The album was the fastest british selling album with almost 120000 copies sold on the day of the release!

Since the Alex Turner and Co. have gone a long way through until getting the headliner slot at Glasto. For all the lucky ones that are already camping in Worthy Farm: enjoy it without moderation on our behalf as well!

Hey Hey, My My, a sweet classic indie anthem to enjoy the week-end even more!


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