NASTY TUESDAY! The Indie Rock Weekly Survival Kit! Yes It’s Ananias

148699_487270074641801_1279751439_nHello Survivors! Today on Nasty Tuesday we share another great Swiss band: Yes It’s Ananias.

The band is actually the side project from one of the members of “Who’s Panda” a band from Baden, Switzerland that we posted on Nasty Tuesday earlier (click here to read). The artistic mind behind the new project is our friend Nico Streichenberg that we interviewed some time ago (click here to read).

What’s “Yes It’s Ananias” about? As Nico writes on his FB page: it’s a daydreaming musician which likes to do what he wants. Can anybody find a better definition for indie music? This side project includes a lot of creative instrumental improvisation, sometime exploring a darker side of the artist soul both on piano and guitar.

Follow them on:

Hey Hey, My My, who said that instrumental is boring?


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