ACOUSTIC WEDNESDAY! The Indie Rock Weekly Survival Kit! Going to California with Led Zeppelin

EarlsCourt1975After epic days at Glastonbury, this week is recovery time! And for that what’s better than some sweet fat classics!? The song I picked today is one of those songs that makes you feel special, or not, that can inspire spiritual exploration à la hippie 60’s, or not, but for sure talking about love or illusions or irony:

 Someone told me there’s a girl out there
With love in her eyes and flowers in her hair
… Wondered how tomorrow could ever follow today
The mountains and the canyons started to tremble and shake …

 It was released in 1971 on their fourth album, actually untitled, but often referred as Led Zeppelin IV or as four symbols. The song has supposedly also been referring to the Californian earthquakes as the band experienced a mini one when travelling to L.A. to mix the album. More romantic interpretations of the song meaning say it is actually about Joni Mitchell, for whom supposedly both Robert Plant and Jimmy Page had affectionate feelings.

In the end, the original meaning is not that important. I rather hope you feel good and acoustically transported when listening to this song. Here is Going to California performed by Led Zeppelin during their concert at Earls Court in 1975:

For our readers who also enjoy TV shows, the song was featured in the series final episode of Entourage.


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