NASTY TUESDAY! The Indie Rock Weekly Survival Kit! Follow us around for Paleo Day 1

Paléo-Festival-Nyon-2Finally it’s that time of the year where rock reaches the shores of the Geneva lake and we all gather in Nyon to join the Paleo bash!

Today we go for a special edition of Nasty Tuesday sharing our recommendation for this very rich Day 1 of the festival.

Our tour around la Plaine de l’asse will be the following:

  • 18.30 – Palma Violets @ Le Detour
  • 20.45 – Phoenix @ La Grande Scene
  • 21.00 – Two Gallants @ Le Detour
  • 22.00 – Alt-J @ Les Arches
  • 23.00 – Neil Young @ La Grande Scene

Paleo day 1

The challenge will obviously be the clash @ 21.00 between Phoenix and Two Gallants, I think you will rather see us around La Grande Scene to enjoy the Phoenix‘s show.

So here we go with a selection of our recommendations for today!

Hey Hey, My My, Paleo here we come!



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