SWEET CLASSIC FRIDAY! The Indie Rock Weekly Survival Kit! All the people so many people they all go hand in hand through their Parklive!

blur_parkliveHow are you doing Survivors? Life is hard when you have to survive both the working week and mighty Paleo Festival! On the other side I would hope any week could be like this, right?

Today we close the working week similarly to the last one, with Blur! The historical indie-rock British band will play this Saturday in Nyon @Paleo Festival and on Sunday in Milan, The Liberation is embarking on a full Blur week-end and will follow them around for these 2 gigs, stay tuned on Monday for our special double date review!

How do you prepare for a Blur’s concert (if, at all, you need preparation)?

  1. One option would be to start listening in loop to their whole 7 albums discography starting from their 1991 debut album “Leisure” until the recent single “Under the Westway“. Nice option if you have a lot of time or you don’t know them at all!
  2. The second option, recommended to all the older Blur’s fans, would be to listen to their recent live album “Parklive“. The concert was recorded last year @ Hyde Park in London for the 2012 Summer Olympics closing ceremony. The record is a must have for any fan of Damon Albarn and co as it includes all their hits plus some rare b-sides rarely played live before.

Enjoy the album via the following link: Blur – Parklive on Spotify

See you in Nyon and in Milan folks! Let’s go back to the 90s together!

Hey Hey, My My, they love a bit of it (parklife)



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