NASTY TUESDAY! The Indie Rock Weekly Survival Kit! Weekend Phantom from Lucerne!

artworks-000053130036-g8zf5r-t500x500Hello Survivors,

how are you coping with this hot-like-hell weather?

Today for our Nasty Tuesday we take a refreshing trip to the lake, not in Geneva for once but further east, still in Switzerland, to Lucerne!

The band we share today is called Weekend Phantom, the trio formed back in 2009 and in pure indie rock style has been self-producing all their records since then in their own studio! They have released on April 9th their new album “Dot” that you can listen to freely on soundcloud.

Just when we were thinking that in Switzerland it was impossible to have a band that re-creates the sounds of the 80s rock culture (The Cure, Pixies) they proved us wrong! Our favorite song? 1994!

tumblr_mpppuoOncU1qj7ipco1_500Follow them on:

Don’t miss their live shows:

  • 16.08. Schüür, Luzern
  • 30.08. JFK, Basel
  • 07.09. Merkker, Baden
  • 18.09. Bar3000, Zürich
  • 31.10. Träff, Schötz (Kusi solo)
  • 07.12. Triebwerk, Arborn

Hey Hey, My My, support your local artists!


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