ACOUSTIC WEDNESDAY! The Indie Rock Weekly Survival Kit! ohlalalala The Head and The Heart NEW ALBUM !!!

HeadHeartHello Folk enthusiasts,

It’s with great excitement that I start this write-up this week! Why??  Because one of my favorite new bands has announced this week the release of a new album!! After Johnny Flynn’s similar news last week (read here), we’re lucky that Seattle indie folk band The Head And The Heart will release its second album “Let’s Be Still this October, and here’s a preview of the album with the lead single “Shake”:

The band self-released their self-entitled debut album The Head and The Heart” in 2009, selling it during their concerts which lead them to sign a record deal with Sub Pop Records in 2010. Then quickly the label remastered, re-recorded and re-released the album. So the particularity of this new album is that it’ll be the 1st properly and freshly developed since they signed their record deal!

To refresh your memories and to actually share acoustic music on this Acoustic Wednesday, here’s my favorite song from their first album, “Down in the Valley” performed in the middle of the street:

And for the little story, it’s by watching this video (and my immense willingness to be an indie folk artist, or at least look like one haha) that I decided to a grow a beard 🙂

Here’s “Sounds like Hallelujah”:

Let’s Be Still” by The Head and The Heart available everywhere October 15th, 2013 !


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