HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! PEACE: The Liberation’s interview!

IMG_5097As anticipated during this week’s Indie Rock Weekly Survival Kit (read here: Fuckin Monday, Electric Thursday, Sweet Classic Friday) we have met with PEACE when they visited Lausanne back in May (read here our concert review).

In-between the sound check and the concert the full band spent some time with us for quick chat @Bleu Lezard cafe in Lausanne. They were tired from a long night our in Zurich (with an heavy post-concert party to celebrate the tour manager birthday) but we had some good time together.

This young band of fellas is conquering step by step the indie rock world in a very natural, not-too-planned way. Despite their clear hangover we talked about music, from The Who to the Spice Girls passing by The Beatles, on top of beer, girls, mushrooms and internet.


The Liberation: looks like you had some good time in Zurich last night, isn’t it?

  • PEACE: Very good, yeah, we celebrated the birthday of our tour manager so as of midnight we started partying, Zurich’s crowd was very good! Let’s hope Lausanne will be as good as Zurich!
The Liberation: what’s PEACE? What are you guys trying to achieve?
  • PEACE (Harry Koisser – Singer): it’s not trying to be anything in particular, natural, organic, just music made by a couple of boys not thinking too much about image or whatever or what it’s sound like, but just letting it come out
The Liberation: how much did your life changed in the last couple of years?
  • PEACE (Harry Koisser – Singer): we started the band at the end of 2010, and it got busy, I wasn’t really doing anything before, we passed from doing nothing all day to do something all the day, actually we still do nothing all the day, really, we do something for about an hour per day, and it feels good (big smile)


The Liberation: what was the secret? Is there any magical formula to move from nothing to the cover of the NME?

  • PEACE (Harry Koisser – Singer): No idea, honestly, money (laughs) , if there was a secret it will be a lot easier, it’s probably a mixture of effort and circumstances. I think that Gladwell in one of his books (Outliers) mentions that  you need to practice 10000 hours until you get perfect, and probably we have done that, maybe.

(A moment of break followed this answer, while all of the 4 band members started counting and calculating if they could have played together for more than 10000 hours together already as The Beatles examples from the book “Outliers“)

The Liberation: what was the best moment so far? 

  • PEACE (Harry Koisser – Singer): don’t know, lots of good things happened, I forgot probably most of them (all laugh), there were highlights but it’s just going better and better for the band, we enjoy that!

The Liberation: we’ve heard a lot of things about what band influenced your sounds, now you can tell us the truth, what bands really inspired PEACE?

  • PEACE (Harry Koisser – Singer): it’s like everything, it’s a lot, The Who, Led Zeppelin, Slipknot, Queen, Megadeth, Rolling Stones, Primal Scream, My Bloody Valentine, Ricardo Vilalobos, Spice Girls (all laugh)
The Liberation: what’s the psychedelic defense league?
  • PEACE (Harry Koisser – Singer): (with a big smile) it’s partially linked to the band, and partially to a guy Martin who is traveling America at the moment – (another break in the interview while Harry updates the rest of the band about their friend Martin: he met native americans and they brought him into a spiritual gathering where he was Facebook messaging me saying “this is bullshit i cannot see any spirit”. They danced around the fire) – back to the interview – He invented it, it’s about beer, girls talk and mushrooms, it’s fun, it’s all in the name, keep it surreal, keep it un-real, don’t keep it, give it away

The Liberation: I read in an interview that you wished for a world without internet, wasn’t internet important for the band to break through?
  • PEACE (Harry Koisser – Singer): I don’t think we are gonna win that battle (smiles) , sure, we put stuff on youtube, but it was less important for us than for most of the band at the moment, we met our manager in a fabric, we always kept thing  in the real life, i was giving people demos and cds and actually met in person people that wanted to work with us, play people our music, and play live as much as we can, we haven’t really relied on the internet or expected to do us anything. People always said that it won’t be able to google our band name and it never really bothered us, i don’t think we are that bothered by internet, it’s obviously important, but not that much. We are not for not having internet, but you don’t need to rely on it. And doing things actually sounds better.

The Liberation: how do you write songs?
  • PEACE (Harry Koisser – Singer): we don’t have a lot of time for jamming recently, we write lyrics, or ideas, put it together, trying things, quite a classical way of doing, it’s the dynamic of keeping it really simple that brings the results, without worrying too much about how does it sound like, we are straight forward, we record and then we keep adding stuff on it, it actually the work in the studio that was important for us, when we put things together and experimented stuff
The Liberation: do you want to play the Indie Rock Weekly Survival Kit game with us?
  • Fuckin Monday: QOTSA, My God is the Sun or Sat by the Ocean, that’s the album that’s turning on our tour bus these days
  • Nasty Tuesday:we recommend Splashh from New Zealand/Australia, a very good international band
  • Acoustic Wednesday: Luminescence Mystery Jets,  or anything acoustic from Santana
  • Electric Thursday: MDMA Ricardo Vilalobos,You cannot find a more electronic song to motivate yourself for an early start of the week-end!
  • Classic Friday: The Seeker by The Who
The LiberationLast questions on summer festivals, you are doing pretty much any festival on earth this summer, is there one you are more looking forward than other?
  • PEACE (all together in chorus): Glastonbury! We can’t wait to be there!
Thank you very much to the band for giving up some of their time to answer our questions, one wish from us: “stay as young, surrealistic and organic as you currently are, and the world, will be at your feet.”
Hey Hey, My My, Peace, Love and Rock’n’Roll
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