SWEET CLASSIC FRIDAY! The Indie Rock Weekly Survival Kit! I swapped my innocence for pride

0000496366_500Congrats Survivors!

We did it again, here we go week-end, hit us in the face! For Noise Festival kicked off in style yesterday and we are overly excited to join tomorrow for the Franz Ferdinand concert!

FF are one of our blog favorite bands, their self titled debut album from 2004 is still turning in loops in our playlists and we have already shared some of our favorite tunes during our Indie Rock Weekly Survival Kit: Take Me OutJaquelineThis Fire

Recently we have shared as well their new double A single: Love Illumination/Right Action which made us all dance several time during our Liberation nights, what a come back single from our Scottish friends!

Today we get ready for Saturday’s gig with something from their 2nd album: “You Could Have It So Much Better“, “Walk Away“, the 2nd single extracted from the album.

Ok, guys, see you all in Pully tomorrow night, we are the one with The Liberation T-Shirt!

Hey Hey, My My, dear week, I love the sound of you walking away




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