CONCERT REVIEW // Black Rebel Motorcycle Club // @Zurich Open Air – 02-09-2013 — I Wanna Ride With You

IMG_4765As promised after our review of Miles Kane’s concert from the Zurich Open Air that we shared yesterday (click here to read) we continue today with our (short) review of the BRMC’s concert.

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – Blue Stage – 5pm

We had left BRMC in March in Crans Montana @Caprices Festival as they were kicking off their latest tour to support their new album “Specter at the Feast” (click here to read our concert review and exclusive interview) and we find them 6 months after in Zurich, slightly more tired from the long summer tour of festivals.

Robert Levon Been (bass, voice) in particular looks tired and absent on stage, good for the band that Peter Hayes (voice, guitar) is actually in pretty good shape and with his raucous grungy voice he delivered a great performance.

While the band opens the gig with “Hate the Taste” from the last album, the crowd is still moving to the tent where Miles Kane was playing to the main stage, we manage to grab the last part of the song before jumping directly into “Beat The Devil Tattoo“. The opening single from the last record “Let The Day Begin” is as powerful as ever, as we mentioned already, it’s a cover, but looks like it was written to be played by BRMC.

In between the song a small break as one of the roadies needs to intervene to save Leah’s drumming kit that is slowly slipping down from the podium, Robert wakes up and with a smile murmurs: “as usual Leah’s too powerful for her own good!“.

The concert re-starts with “Rival” and “Ain’t No Easy Way” that sees Peter warming up his harmonica while playing the guitar “Bob Dylan” style. “Berlin“, “Shuffle Your Feet” and “Conscience Killer” grew the crowd excitement for the big-hit finale. As usual the bands keeps the best (from their first album) for the end: “Read Eyes and Tears“, “Whatever Happened to my R&R” and obviously “Spread Your Love” to finish in mayhem the concert. In between we managed to hear “Rifles” a come back of 2013 in their setlist.

Before realizing it the concert is over all too soon. Zurich Open Air probably will not enter BRMC’s history books as their best concert ever, they looked a bit tired, kind of in automatic pilot. In any case, they are excused, technically all the songs were brilliantly executed, Peter’s voice was at its best and a lazy Sunday afternoon crowd at its 4th day of concert probably didn’t help them to get excited.

We would have paid another entry ticket to have them continue playing beyond their 1h slot, their repertoire is now vast enough to conclude that seeing them at a Festival can’t be the most rewarding experience, the list of songs that were left out from the set is so long that we actually decided to play the game. So here below you find the set-list for the 2nd hour of BRMC’s concert @Zurich Open Air that we would have loved to hear if somebody was wise enough to let them play longer.

Keep on rocking in a free world guys, we will be here, waiting for you, next time you’re in town!

BRMC @Zurich Open Air – the set-list of the 2nd hour of concert that never existed:

  • All You Do Is Talk
  • Bad Blood
  • Weight Of The Worlds
  • Stop
  • Not What You Wanted (Acoustic)
  • No Mercy (Acoustic)
  • Dirty Old Town (Acoustic)
  • Complicated Situation (Acoustic)
  • Howl (Acoustic)
  • We’re All In Love
  • Teenage Disease
  • Six Barrell Shotgun

Hey Hey, My My, fantasy is a weapon



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