ACOUSTIC WEDNESDAY! The Indie Rock Weekly Survival Kit! Special Edition: Paul Thomson from Franz Ferdinand!


today we continue the IRWSK Special Edition as recommended by Paul Thomson from Franz Ferdinand. (read here his Fuckin Monday  and Nasty Tuesday choices)

Don’t forget to read our Franz Ferdinand Concert Review and Exclusive full interview with Paul Thomson (read here)!

For our Acoustic Wednesday Paul reveled to us that the band was working on an acoustic cover of Oblivion from Grimes: “we are working out a cover just now for a radio station in Paris, we are doing an acoustic version of a classic rock song Grimes’ Oblivion, it’s not acoustic but our version is acoustic” (he added with a big satisfied smile :-))

The song was published on YouTube just a few days after our interview so we are lucky enough to be able to share it!

We share as well the original version in case you don’t know it!

Hey Hey My My, someone likes it acoustic



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