HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Miles Kane: The Liberation Interview!

IMG_5607Ok, that was pretty awesome cool, meeting Mr Miles Kane and getting a chance to chat with him about his career and music in general was a pleasure and an honor. Thank you very much to David Bucher and Thierry Gachnang from Sony Music for making this happening, we owe you one! 🙂

Read here our Concert Review from his great show in @Zurich Open Air and stay with us next week to see who he picked for our IRWSK (The Indie Rock Weekly Survival Kit!)

We had already an idea of the kind of character Mr Kane was but meeting him in person we had the confirmation: lovely lad, open, funny, music fanatic and self confident enough without reaching the arrogance level of a Liam Gallagher. 

The Liberation: How did life changed in the last 3 years since you went solo?

  • Miles Kane: I think dramatically really, I think coz when I did the first album “Color of the Trap” it was starting again, I just had the success with Alex (Turner, Arctic Monkeys’ front man) and the Puppets (The Last Shadow Puppets)  and I had to restart go back to play in clubs to 80 people, and you think “Fucking hell, its though!” you know what I mean? It becomes real, everything I got now, I still feel like I’m building it, the gigs have got bigger, they sell out and each little moment it’s a new step it feels very solid and real and now I wouldn’t go back and change anything at all

The Liberation: How did you decide to go solo? You said ok, fuck it, enough with bands, now I go solo?

  • Miles Kane: well no and yes really ! I did the Puppets thing, then the band I was into The Rascals they were just pretty bunkers and it just didn’t work out you know, we split up and I started thinking about starting a new band, and I thought about that for a while with a few mates then I thought “Fuck it, I can’t be arsed”, I had some tunes and I thought about doing them on my own and that was it, we tried and I haven’t really looked back since.

The Liberation:  What has changed between the first and the second album? 

  • Miles Kane: Confidence man, and not being afraid to let those ideas come out, those rock’n’roll tunes I always loved come out, just let them come out you know what I mean? I went down that road. I guess the first album with Come Closer and tracks like that you can tell it’s TRex and stuff and on the new record I went more down that road.


The Liberation: a friend of mine that saw you at Glasto this year told me that this album was written to be played in festivals, do you agree? 

  • MK: Yeah, just gigs in general, it was written to be played live I mean that’s my favorite part of all its to be on stage, for me it is

The Liberation: in the first album you had a collaboration with Noel Gallagher, in the new one with Paul Weller, how do you do that? You call them or they get in contact with you? 

  • MK: Yes, I don’t ask! they come to me, it’s a very good feeling, they don’t need to, I guess they see that I have no bullshit and I got no drive and I want to be like the best you know what I mean?

The Liberation: who impressed you the most musically? 

  • MK: Don’t know, Paul Weller, maybe, such a nice guy, he really encouraged me and I would like to do more stuff with him

The Liberation: who’s the best party animal?

  • MK: (smiling) Well, Paul Weller doesn’t drink anymore so, it was pretty chilled (laughs)

The Liberation: who had the best style? 

  • MK: (laughing) Paul Weller, easy one

The Liberation: Who’s next? Who would you like to collaborate with if you could choose anyone?

  • MK: Well, in my dreams, if I could pick anyone, I would love to do something with Jack White, that would be a fantastic collaboration

The Liberation: Have you ever talked it with it?

  • MK: No, I haven’t

The Liberation: You played with him once in the past  with Alex Turner in the Last Shadow Puppets right?

  • MK: Yes, in Glasto, years ago, it was cool, but we just annoyed him until he did it really, he didn’ want to do it but we were just like two little chicks saying “do it, do it“!! (laughs)

IMG_5605The Liberation: Do you still have time to listen to music?

  • MK: yeah, I listen to new stuff, Charles Bradley, old soul singer, is old but he’s new if you know what I mean? He’s got 2 albums, he’s really cool

The Liberation: do you like this nePsych-Rock wave that came out with Temples or Jagwar Ma?

  • MK: yeah, I like the new Temples’ song, “Keep In the Dark” (he sings the refrain) I like that, I think it’s really cool, like it. Jagwar Ma I like the  “Come Save Me” (he sings again the chorus), I don’t mind it

The Liberation: do you make friends at festivals?

  • MK: this past summer? (He stops, he thinks, long pause then he smiles) I’m  sure there have been, but I can’t remember any really now (laughs out loud)

The Liberation: do you see any band around that might have been influenced by you?

  • MK: Probably yeah, The Strypes

The Liberation: what about Palma Violets? They have an aggressive stage presence that reminded me of you.

  • MK: Probably yeah, but they wouldn’t be doing as well as I do it right? (laughs)

The Liberation: Absolutely not:

  • MK: well, it goes without saying it right? (laughs)

The Liberation: do you still include a cover in your setlists?

  • MK: Not at the moment, I guess because we have enough material now (smiles), I guess we just didn’t have enough songs, we are working on the new Rolling Stones song: Doom and Gloom, we are working on that one, it might be on the bside of the next single, we did it on a radio station and we do it cool man! (he smiles in pride) I would love to play that one live at one point!

The Liberation: Did you ask the Stones’ permission?

  • MK: Yes, I think someone told them and apparently they liked it, nice feeling!

The Liberation: last question: do we have more chance to see a new album from the Last Shadow Puppets or an Oasis’ reunion?

  • MK: (Silence, looks in front of him for a long time without answering)

The Liberation: Though question?

  • MK: yeah man, that’s though, don’t know it really (laughs out loud), move to next question, good question, that should be on a tshirt! TLSP 2 or Oasis’ reunion?

The Liberation: talking about tshirts, we brought you ours as a souvenir of this memorable interview, best in your career right? (We laugh)

  • MK: career highlight, definitely! (ends with a big laugh)

Hey Hey, My My, respect to the ModSon




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