ACOUSTIC WEDNESDAY! The Indie Rock Weekly Survival Kit! Arcade Fire are back – Continued!!

neon-bibleOk, ok, after yesterday’s great news that Arcade Fire are back (Read Here), we have to go on with them for Acoustic Wednesday!!

The choice of song is extremely easy for them as they had performed this amazing version of “Neon Bible” (leading song of their second studio album) in an ELEVATOR!!! This was the result of their collaboration with La Blogothèque,  one of the best sources for improbable acoustic musical performances and their Concerts à Emporter (Take Away Shows), that we had introduced in one of our previous Acoustic Wednesday editions with The Lumineers (Read Here). What is even more impressive is that they perform the song on their way to the stage for their full concert in Paris!!

Here is “Neon Bible” in the elevator followed directly by “Wake Up” performed in the middle crowd as opening song of their concert :

The question is now what to do until October 29th …..??? Listen over and over the 3 previous albums!!!

And go to our Indie Rock Liberation Nights!!



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