NASTY TUESDAY! The Indie Rock Weekly Survival Kit! Special Edition: Miles Kane’s selection!

the-strypes-choose-jmiDear Survivors,

we are on a roll with Miles Kane’s selection for the Indie Rock Weekly Survival Kit (IRWSK)!

For Nasty Tuesday we asked him to recommend a new band that he has mes during his summers festival tour and one song from his latest album, so this is what he picked:

  • “I like a lot The Strypes, I would give them a little shout”
  • “From my new album I would pick Give Up I think it’s a powerful one, an angry one”

From The Strypes we had already shared sometime ago their first single (read here our Nasty Tuesday review), therefore we go for something from their recently released new album: Mystery Man.

We had already shared Give Up sometime ago as part of Fuckin Monday but we are more than happy to share it again!

Hey Hey My My come and take it all!




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