SWEET CLASSIC FRIDAY! The Indie Rock Weekly Survival Kit! Albert Hammond Jr’s Back!!

albert_hammond_jr_ahj_artwork-500x499-1Dear Survivors

today we celebrate a very special Sweet Classic Friday as yesterday Albert Hammond Jr (The Strokes’ guitarist for those who might not know him) has released the first solo song since 2008. In between there have been 2 Strokes’ albums (Angles in 2011 and Comedown Machine in 2013) and a massive load of drug from which he has made part recently according to his interviews.

The song is the first one to be shared for an EP titled “AHJ” that will be released on October 8th on Julian Casablancas’ labelCult Records“.

As in his previous 2 albums “Yours to Keep” from 2006 and “Como Te Llama” from 2008 the new song “Rude Customer” is loaded with guitar, power chords, riffs and solos and it sounds so well that I wonder if he shouldn’t get more “writing space” within the Strokes!

Next to the new song, in pure Sweet Classic Friday we share as well something from his first album: “Back to 101“.

Hey Hey, My My, enjoy life, it’s Sweet Classic Friday!





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